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It's always a good plan to go to college? Maybe you should even get into the groove immediately following high school. Hey, that would be a stellar concept! This is how it basically goes. During your senior year of high school, you start checking out a number of universities. Whether you're searching for a college in US or another country is totally up to you. However, don't dismiss the price of tuition. It's always prudent to check out the kind of rates they have regarding other countries. Anyway, once you've surfed the web like a madman in search of potential colleges, it's then time to narrow it down. Think about what it is you want to go to school for. Why are you after a higher education? Okay, aside from the money aspect of it all? Think about what you will enjoy doing for the rest of your days.

What particular college in US catches your eye? Is it Harvard University? Ah yes, I know where you're coming from. I too was invited to several Ivy League schools. Unfortunately I had to turn them all down for Portland State University of Oregon. Okay, so that is obviously a bunch of crap. Regardless, I did love attending my university. I even graduated with an awesome GPA. That's important too you know. It's not just about attending a reputable school and getting the degree. Those grades can come back to haunt you. I knew plenty of guys who merely thought the degree itself was enough. This is idiotic. That's great you're acquiring a higher education, but if you got all C's, then who the heck wants you? One of the first things my wife heard when applying for her first job was "what was your graduating GPA?" Is this surprising? It shouldn't be! Think about what the company has to go on at this point. You have no relative past experience, so they go with GPA. They want to know how hard you're willing to work, and what level you're striving for. That's reality with a college in US or anywhere.

So, have you got those applications ready yet? Don't forget that if you're applying to a college in US, then you're going to need some cash for application fees. This is standard in our country. Try 50 bucks a pop for many universities. On the other hand, this should in no way discourage you from applying to a college in US. Select a few that you're serious about and go for it. Once you're in, you're well on your way to success. That's what college is all about.


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