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College In California

So, you want to attend a college in California? This is no big surprise to me. Do you have any idea how many individuals and families head off to California? Trust me it's a lot. This is why the state is so freaking crowded. My two best friends both headed to California once they were through with college. One of them started his own home-based computer business out there, while the other did the classic routine. Yep, you know the one. He wanted to be an actor. This is probably why half the state of California is there. They're all waiting tables and bartending until they get that big break. The truth of the matter is most of them will never break into Hollywood. That's just the sad reality of it all. You really have to drive yourself and pray for some luck. Oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt to be beautiful. Anyway, this routine doesn't apply to you because you're taking the prudent route and looking for a college in California. You're going to get that higher education and have something tangible to fall back on. Well, good on you! Now, which college in California sounds the most ideal?

Searching for a college in California can be a stressful situation. I only say this because you certainly don't want to select the wrong school. Ah, who am I kidding? You can always transfer to a different college in California. Surely one will accept credits from another in the same state. Just avoid those religious schools. Some of them are not up-to-par as far as standards go. It would be terrible if your credits were not transferred. This basically means you put all that time, work, money and effort into it for nothing. I went to school with a girl who did this. She transferred into my university after two years at a Christian college. However, none of her 71 credits transferred. I think this would make me cry like a baby.

Search out and do recon work on all colleges in California. This is the best way to find out which one is suitable for what you wish to accomplish degree-wise. Now I know that you're looking to enjoy that warm California sun and all the hot girls, but you really should put academics first. A great education is paramount. Therefore find a well recommended college in California to get you on your way to success.


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