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American Scholarships

The cost of attending college continues to rise year after year. After factoring in tuition, textbooks, housing, travel, and spending money, it could easily cost $20,000 per year (or more) to attend college. The high price tag associated with getting a post-secondary education presents a quandary for many would-be students. There's no question that you need a degree to get ahead in today's world, but who wants to go into debt to the tune of $80,000 in the process? That's where various American scholarships and grant programs can come into play.

Students that plan on studying in the United States have the opportunity to take advantage of the staggering amount of American scholarships that are out there. These prizes are superior to loans because they never have to be paid back. And unlike grants, there are many American scholarships based on merit rather than need. This means that almost any student can apply for one of these prizes and have a chance to win money to help defray college costs.

American scholarships are available in a number of different categories. For example, students can win money based on their performance in athletics, academics, arts, or community service. In addition, there are American scholarships for students that want to pursue a particular field of study in college, such as engineering, mathematics, or education. Moreover, there are specialty categories such as Native American scholarships, African American scholarships, and so forth. These prizes may only be won by students of a particular ethnicity or heritage, and the awards are usually very prestigious and generous.

Because there are so many American scholarships available, it's difficult for students to keep track of all the offerings on their own. Fortunately, the Internet is making that task much easier than it has been in the past. There are a lot of databases out there that provide comprehensive lists and descriptions of current American scholarships, as well as service companies that specialize in locating prizes that students are qualified to apply for based on the profile data supplied. Some of these databases and companies require paid memberships, but the fees are well worth it to students looking to apply for as many American scholarships as possible. These services save time, which means the students can focus on writing winning essays rather than on searching for a suitable scholarship.

Don't let your dream of a college education get away from you because of a lack of money. There are literally millions of dollars up for grabs in American scholarships each and every year. Grab your slice of the pie while you can!


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